I’ll be okay if you die from my curse - Ogidi Brown threatens Fameye (WATCH)

Ghanaian musician and music executive Odigi Brown is ready to take full responsibility of highlife musician Fameye’s death if his curse works.

Ogidi Brown and Fameye

According to Ogidi Brown – who owns OGB Music, the label which brought Fameye into the limelight – all efforts to reach the singer for his money and fulfilment of other commitments in their contract have proven futile.

“You have deceived me for years,” he said in a live video he shared via his Instagram page yesterday. “Sometimes, you bring investors to lie that they would sign you and pay back my money. Then, you later blame it on coronavirus. You have been deceiving me up till now.”

He gave him two weeks ultimatum to refund his money else he will consult the gods and Atoa to resolve the matter.

“You are playing concerts now and you feel like a superstar. It's very good. But you have two weeks ultimatum. Deities will solve our issue because you know we don't have court issues anymore.”

Ogidi Brown – who signed his latest artiste, Dr Dryme, using eggs and schnapps like the traditionalists do – stated that he is hurt and claimed he was scammed by Fameye.

“It hurts to be scammed. $50,000 isn't money but the manner in which you want to scam me is painful. I raised you to this level but you take all the percentage in our contract.”

He threatened to curse him and even if he dies and Ghanaians wouldn’t listen to his music, he is fine.

“I'll evoke curses on you at Atoa tomorrow. I'd be glad if Ghanaians stop listening to my music if I curse you and you die. I swear to God. You are playing gigs and expect my investments to go waste.”

Watch Ogidi Brown threaten Fameye below.

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