J Cole apologises to Kendrick Lamar after dissing him on new album

J Cole has shocked the rap world with his public apology to Kendrick Lamar.

J Cole apologises to Kendrick Lamar after dissing him on new album

On Drake's No. 1 hit single 'First Person Shooter', J Cole referred to himself, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar as the big 3. The statement didn't sit well with Kendrick who recently issued a response on Metrobooming and Future's 'Like' where he dissed Drake's latest album 'For All The Dogs' and replied to J Cole's "Big 3" line with a "Big Me" line where he excludes himself from the hop hop trio that are regarded as the biggest rappers of their generation.

Although the narrative was that Kendrick Lamar had his eyes on Drake, J Cole got caught in the crosshairs.

With the rap world shocked by Kendrick Lamar's verse on Metrobooming and Future's joint album 'We Don't Trust You', fans eagerly expected a reply from Drake and J Cole.


J Cole would be the first to reply with his surprise album 'Might Delete Later' where he had some words for Kendrick Lamar on '7 Minute Drill'.

On the track, J Cole threw some warning shots at Kendrick Lamar with a subtle diss at his discography. Cole also stated that while he respects Kendrick, he wouldn't hesitate to humble the Compton rapper if push comes to shove.

J Cole has however made a shocking U-turn just as the beef is getting heated with a public call for a truce at his 2024 Dreamvile Festival.

During his performance, J Cole shared that he feels uneasy since he dissed Kendrick Lamar on '7 Minute Drill' with the North Carolina apologising for belittling Kendrick Lamar's discography.

"I am so proud of that project except for one part. It's one part of that shit that makes me feel like that's one of the lamest shit I have did in my fucking life," Cole said.


"I was conflicted because I know my heart and I know the two rappers I have been blessed to stand beside...I won't lie to you all, I moved in a way I feel spiritually bad...I try to keep it friendly but at the end of the day when I listen to it and when I see the talk, that shit doesn't sit well with me and it disrupts my spirit".

During the 3 minutes long speech, J Cole describe Kendrick Lamar as one of the greatest rappers ever and said dissing his catalogue was the lamest shit he ever did.

"I pray you all forgive a nigga for the misstep and the past two days feel terrible and it reminds me of how well I have been sleeping for the past two years," J Cole concluded before performing his hit single 'Luv Yours' which he calls a reminder of who he is.

J Cole also shared that he hasn't been sleeping well since the diss dropped and he would be taking the track of social media.


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