In this life certain features stand out but life must go on for the bearer of the features and those who take notice.

It’s easy to point out Amakye Dede’s dark lips, Daddy Lumba’s lightened skin, Shatta Wale’s heavy lips, Dede Ayew’s balding head hence the Sakora, Samini’s fine face, Nikki Samona’s thin frame, E.L and Joey B’s awesome height, Obuor’s pot belly which he is working on, Ama Boahemaa’s weather induced bleached skin, Wiyaala’s sharp features, Joselyn’s curves, Moesha’s melons, Roselyn Ngissah’s and Kokui Selormey’s plump frame, Kwabena Marfo’s shrill voice but to what purpose.

At a generally well produced and received Live FM launch, a member of the enthusiastic crowd jumped on the stage when twin, Livingstone Etse Satekla simply known as Stonebwoy was performing one of his tunes and tragically mimicked the posture of the entertainer. Tragically once more a furious Stonebwoy released the mic and walked off the stage.

Later events have it that Stonebwoy’s crew ‘sounded’ the miscreant ‘well well’ to teach him a lesson. Business manager of Live FM has also we are informed apologized to the entertainer for the unfortunate incident.

While it is tasteless what that crazed chap did, I reckon Stonebwoy you ought to have continued your performance, ignored the buffoon and in the end risen above the hate.

If there is anyone Stonebwoy you must learn from in managing such uncomfortable situations, it is your mentor Samini. The ‘Dagaati’ man has fought battles as well as wars and managed to still be relevant today partly because he does not show weakness or pain in the face of attack.

I am not in Samini’s head but can hazard a guess that he would have continued to perform and eventually the crowd would have booed away the miscreant.

Stonebwoy you were just like any non-handicapped chap moving around without restriction till a vehicle knocked you off resulting in the hindrance in your knee requiring metal implants. Growing up with today’s Tema music dons including Sarkodie, it is remarkable that you have managed despite the odds to emerge as an in-demand top 3 music act in the country.

Sure as the sun shines, there would be haters but in times such as these Livingstone you must let your music guide you.

The  spirit should have held sway for you to have //comot your eye since you have seen many pass this one// especially for one out of Ashiaman Lebanon.

Unless the guy’s surprise act was a thunderbolt which hit you, you should have displayed the //can’t cool..can’t quench spirit// since that chap:

//can’t stop fire from burning//

Remember since you are part of the chosen few, much more is required of you.

My Dearest Stone, have you forgotten so soon a question yourself and Gappy Ranks asked:

//why some people wicked so…a me no know o//

What that chap did falls right here and the simple answer is certain people are just wicked and mean. You shouldn’t have given him the joy to have messed up your evening and surely distort the organizer’s schedule.

Ei my guy so soon you forgot  and your smash hit ‘ when like a sage you talked about the hate which drove that chap who sought to embarrass you in front of the world and crash your self-esteem but always bear your own words in mind:

//dem dey susupon me ei e, dem dey susupon you too//dem dey talk about me ei.. e be your body dem want too o…// but I dey pray make I go higher.. because dem dey throw fire..//

My guy, what then happens if at another show someone decides to waste all your sound check effort, deprive your loyal fans from seeing you perform to heal them and to generally do what you love doing best? Would you throw away the mic once more?

No you shouldn’t Etse, rather put in stellar work such that any fellow who attempts this despicable act shall make a fool of himself/herself standing there even as you do your work totally ignoring him or her.

I wish you the very best life has to offer but be even more conditioned to see such crass acts. I trust your good self, Blakk Cedi and the team have had a detailed discussion as to how to react in the face of varied eventualities.

Be strong, heed the messages in you music and let them guide your path but ultimately let the Supreme Divine be your source of strength in hostile times. Till our paths cross again its Michael Eli Dokosi saying ‘ German for goodbye.

By Michael Eli Dokosi/