Dancehall musician, Samini has waded into the recent Dancehall beef that happened between Kaakie and his fellow Dancehall act, MzVee.

Speaking on Accra-based Pluzz FM, Samini said he doesn’t see anything wrong about both acts hitting hard at each other.He added that in Dancehall throwing of shots is allowed but questioned the personality behind MzVee's patois.“In Dancehall, beef is allowed; throwing shots at each other is allowed, even in hiphop, artiste diss each other. In all this, it makes the industry more interesting; if there is an upcoming gig, it makes fans wanna come out in their numbers to support their respective acts,” said Samini, as quoted by

Samini again added that the hype surrounding MzVee and Kaakie has gone down and that they should drop some vibes.

“I think they’ve slowed down too much, both MzVee and Kaakie should ginger the industry a little bit. MzVee should drop some few songs, but her patois tho, hey, Richie, who writes the Patois for MzVee,” Samini asked.