Sarkodie fires shots at M.anifest again in new freestyle

Sarkodie rode on Jay Z’s “Smile” instrumental and fired some subliminal shots at M.anifest, and bragged about his achievements as well.

Sarkodie and M.anifest

There’s a bad blood between the two lyricists -- if this is the first time you are reading about their lyrical battle.

M.anifest and Sarkodie were engaged in one of the biggest rap beefs Ghana has ever witnessed in 2016.

M.anifest, in his song titled “god MC”, took obvious digs at Sarkodie after the former released his “Bossy” song. Sarkodie also quickly replied M.anifest in his “Kanta” track.

Their beef songs which trended on social media for several weeks generated a lot of public debate.

But, it seems Sarkodie is not done with M.anifest as he throws another shot at him and fellow rappers in his new freestyle “State of Mind”.

He rode on Jay Z’s “Smile” instrumental and fired some subliminal shots at his arch-rival, and bragged about his achievements as well.

In the 1:25 minutes freestyle, Sarkodie is heard bragging “…Ghanafoɔ, obia call me the greatest," and brags more, “Sesei sɛ me kɔ tour a/I’m thinking when I’m coming back…Obi bɛfa m’ahinkyɛ nso a, slack, goddammit!”

He continued to brag about his achievement as one of the most consistent rappers in the game. “My state of mind/M’maintaini me position for Lord knows/I be one of a kind/ E bi divine/M’swerve swerve the potholes in life/Still a we dey on the grind/E no be rap, e bi God/…Seisei m’abrɛ, me winni dodo/Chale e dey bore.”

Then, he fired shots at his arch-rival, M.anifest and other competitors. “…Ɛtɔ dabi a me tumi yi ahinkyɛ no/Place it on the floor/Tu kwan kɔ hyɛ Bahamas/Mɛ ba no still a on the floor/F**k it/I need some motivation/Mo amma me competition/Nea me kyɛɛ no hype no still a w’anhu the bigger vision.”

M.anifest is yet to respond to this diss.

By the way, have a listen below.


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