Groom rolls on the floor as 'anointing' throws him off the altar after kissing bride (video)

A groom alleged to be under the anointing of God fell off the altar where he was standing with the pastor and the bride immediately after kissing her.

Groom rolls on the floor as anointing throws him off the altar after kissing bride (video)

A heart-stopping video of the incident was uploaded to social media and it has since been in circulation and attracting hilarious reactions.

The couple is seen standing on the altar with the officiating man of God. After exchanging their vows, the pastor asked the groom, as usual, to kiss his bride.

Right after kissing the bride, the groom fell as if he had an electric shock, rolled down the stairs and landed on the floor.

The video shows some people rushing to his rescue while others are heard screaming, clapping and praising the Lord for showering the ‘anointing’ on the groom.

The groom then rose and started jumping allover the place before other guests joined him. A woman is heard in the background asking the congregation to "praise the Lord".

Tunde Ednut, a social media influencer who posted the dramatic video on his Instagram page captioned it: "Awwwwwww! Bless him, he’s finally getting married. Awwww! He fell under the anointing as they pronounced them husband and wife."

Meanwhile, in other news, a newly wedded couple decided to defy the trend of rich buffet at wedding receptions and served guests with what is commonly known as ‘gari soaking’ and some soft drinks instead.

Of late, weddings have become a competition to the extent that people would go above and beyond to buy expensive things to please guests after which left with huge debts to start their married life with.

However, a yet-to-be-identified couple chose to cut their coat according to their cloth. Guests who attended the marriage event were served with gari, groundnut and soft drinks at the reception.

A video circulating on social media shows some guests gathered around the table and enjoying bowls of garri and groundnut while music plays in the background.

Twitter user, @jefe_says who posted the video on the microblogging site captioned it: “Couple serve garri and groundnut to guests.”


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