This soup to superb, aside from the fact that it’s all green and healthy it is super delicious, enjoy it as a starter or pair it with fufu.


2 Bunches of Nkontonmire

Dry River fish (Faan loo)

4 large tomatoes

2 medium-sized onions

Chilli pepper aka Kpakposhito (as much as you desire)

4 Giant African Snails

Goat meat

1 tablespoonful of Lemon Juice


1 Maggi cube


  • Blend together tomatoes, onions and pepper. Set aside
  • Spice up the goat meat with ginger and onions; preferably the night before.
  • Boil the snails in the shell. Pry them from the shell. The Giant African Snails are very slimy delicious creatures. But the slime can get icky. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt over them and work it through with your hand for about 2 minutes. Wash under cold water and pour the lemon juice over it. The stickiness is much reduced and the flesh almost feels dry.
  • Wash the river fish, which tends to have grains of sand stuck inside its gills and abdomen.
  • Wash the leaves under running water and peel the leaves from the veiny stem. Boil for less than 10 minutes. Blend very smoothly, and set aside.
  • Place a deep saucepan on the stove and add the goat meat. Steam the meat well as you know how tough our Billy and Nanny goats are.
  • Add the snails.
  • Pour the blended tomato mix unto the steaming meats and stir for about 2 minutes and pour a generous amount of water into the pan. Well until the meat is covered and is half-way in the pan. Some choose to sieve the tomatoes but that’s nutritious chaff being thrown away.
  • Add the dry river fish so it cooks with the soup and take it out for later. This I find helps prevent the fish from dismantling.
  • Boil for about 20 minutes. Add 1 cube of Maggi for spicing.
  • The light soup should be about ready. Pour in the blended Nkontonmire. Top up with more water.
  • Add salt to taste. Allow another 5-10 minutes for the final cooking time.
  • Serve