How these chefs stay healthy despite being surrounded by food all day

Watching calories is no easy feat when you’re in the food business, see how eleven chefs manage to stay healthy amid all the temptation.

Imagine being surrounded by food day in and day out, it may sound like a foodie’s paradise, but for those working in the restaurant industry, this is also a daily reality.

Just like any craftsman wanting to produce the perfect product, chefs must consume the foods they cook on a regular basis to ensure its up to their standards, which, unsurprisingly, can spell disaster for the waistline.

However, this does not always have to be the case,in fact, eleven chefs, who have learned to stay healthy and fit despite the daily temptations, are the perfect proof.

They shared with Yahoo Health their tips and tricks, so we can all adopt them for ourselves.


Even though these chefs are foreign, their healthy tips and ideas are still applicable here in Nigeria, so, try and learn from them.


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