10 ways to keep your long distance relationship alive

One simplest way to make your long distance relationship work is to do things together. Read the article below for more tips.

Honestly, the distance between you and your partner will make things look impossible. Also, friends and family will also discourage from making any commitments.

On the flip side, the extra distance they will things easy for you and promote your relationship. Here are 10 tips to make your relationship work.

  • Communication is the key

Talk about everything and ask questions about their future plans. Make sure you are always on the same page in your relationships. If you’re having doubts about their feelings, tell them right away. Don’t wait and don’t try to hide it.

  • Schedule time to video chat

Texting and talking on the phone can’t sustain your long distance relationship. Video call or chat can keep your relationship strong and give you face-to-face interaction with your significant others. It shouldn’t be a spontaneous call, you have to schedule it and prepare your body and mind for it.

  • Find ways to do sweet, thoughtful things for each other

Just because you don’t live in the same region or country doesn’t mean you can’t do nice things for each other. There are many delivery services you can trust to surprise your partner on your behalf. Get creative and do sweet things for each other at least every month.

  • Get your sexting on

It’s time to get your groove on. Yes, you need to sext or dirty talk over the phone. There needs to be some form of sexual intimacy between the two of you. You will cross the bridge when you get there.

  • Visit each other

Find two or more side gigs for extra cash to cover your traveling expenses. You can see each other 3 times a year if you live in separate countries.  But if you’re only a few hours away and you can spend weekends together and still stick to your budget.

Not everybody can resist temptations for a long time. Try not to go too long without being together in person. If you live a happy life without your partner for so long, the possibility of ever being with them in person goes away. Remember to see each other as often as you can.

  • Stay completely honest with them

Honesty should be the foundation of every long-distance relationship. Without it, the entire relationship could fall apart. Talk about your fear, apathy, insecurity or whatsoever with your partner.


If your guts say your partner is lying to you, then there is something wrong. So make sure you both are open and honest with each other. Even if that means telling your significant other something they might not like hearing.

  • Get to know each other’s schedules

Couples at a long distance should share their daily itinerary and goals with each other so that they both agree on when to connect and talk. This will help get rid of any insecurities if your partner isn’t responding to you. Talk about your day in the morning so you both know what’s going on.

  • Keep a positive mindset

You always need to remain positive and hope for the better. Love conquers all. Keep your head in a positive place so you can solve problems easier and work toward a happy relationship.

  • Do things together

You can play online games together, jog together while talking on the phone. Go online-shopping together and buy each other gifts. You really have to be creative and spontaneous about it. You can also read the same books and talk about it during your leisure time.

  • Follow each other on social media

Like, comment and share each other’s post on social media. Just be cool about stalking each other.


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