8 dating resolutions you should be making with your boyfriend

Ask questions. Don't wait for years to find out that your man doesn't want to marry or have children.

It’s a new year and we all love a fresh start. How do you maintain a healthier relationship with your partner in 2018?

Here are 8 resolutions couple every should make.

  • Compliment each other more often

Instead of pointing out their mistakes, learn to compliment them on the little things that they do for you. It will motivate them to do greater things for you and also strengthen your relationship with them.

  • Talk about money

Let’s be real, financial incompatibility is a leading cause of many breakups. Some people date because the person can give them a comfortable life. Few people date out of pure love with the hope that they will start something together and get rich along the way.

Before you get serious and start introducing them to your friends and family throw everything on the table. Ask about income, debt, and financial goals.

  • Ask questions

Most women date their significant others for years waiting for him to propose but they are always left broken-hearted because some guys are married to their work.

After six months of an intimate relationship, you must look out for signs that he madly in love with you and wants to stay the rest of his life with you. Fear is the reason why people wait years to find out that someone doesn't want to have children. The question you're most afraid to hear the answer to is the one that you should definitely ask.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

Let’s face it; people live a fake life on social media so stop spending all your savings on your friend’s Facebook’s post. When you are well established and famous, you will get sponsorship deals, partnerships, and barter trade to live a lavish life on social media.

  • Stop multitasking

It’s just so annoying!. Some people are so addicted to their phone that they can’t stay an hour without it. Make every minute spent with your partner count and memorable. Be an active listener and switch off your gadget when bae visits.

  • Have adventures together

When was the last time you travel together? Don’t wait until special occasions before you plan something together. You can budget and tour the country; visit every region at the end of the month and spend more time together. Just have fun together and explore.

  • Mind your manners during arguments

Try to resolve your issues at home without any third party interference because you might say something out of anger that you will regret for the rest of your life. It’s quite impossible to be polite during heated arguments, just avoid ‘public display of anger’.

  • Have

Let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s very difficult to find a virgin these days. Good character, looks and intelligence and integrity is not enough among millennials. Slip on your sexy lingerie and have some get busy in bed on your safe days.


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