How Ghanaian women can propose to their boyfriends

How to propose to a man without fear of emasculating him.

  • Do it privately

If you’re madly in love with your boyfriend and he hasn’t any intentions of proposing to you anytime soon. You can take matters into your own hands to propose to him privately because there is such a big stigma attached to women proposing to men.

It’s a special moment between the two of you. However, you can get your best friend to take a video of the proposal for future reference.

  • Make it meaningful

Just as you were expecting your boyfriend to go overboard with his proposal, you must also think outside the box to impress him. You can keep it simple and meaningful at the same time.

Do something that means a lot to you as a couple. This could be reliving your first date or even going to the place you had your first kiss. Show him how serious you are by making it meaningful.

  • Express your love

Proposing to a man is a big step for the few women who embark on such odysseys. Let him know how much you adore and respect him. He must understand that the proposal is more than a fairytale wedding but you wish to spend the rest of your life with him.

Since he’ll know how much you love him, he’ll be more likely to say yes and less likely to be hurt by you proposing.

  •  Plan for his reaction

You must know the person inside and out before you plan any surprise proposal. You must be fully prepared for his reactions whether good or bad. People enter into a relationship for different reasons and unfortunately, marriage might not a priority for your man.

Maybe he was planning to ask soon. Maybe he wants to wait a while before marriage. You’ll want to be ready for how he’ll react so you can alter your behavior accordingly.

  • Think about his ego

All men have huge egos. That’s just how they are. You really have to make sure you’re not going to crush it by proposing to him before he’s ready. Make sure you’ve talked about the idea of marriage together before randomly popping the question.

  • Make sure you 100% want to marry him

Don’t be pressured by anyone or your current condition to propose to a man who you don’t love.

Marriage is a long journey and you be fully prepared for the challenges ahead.


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