An investment firm, McOttley Capital is giving a customer who invested his GHC90,000 with a tough time in retrieving his investment from the company.

Agyapong Appiah started receiving treatment for his kidney failure at the Korle Bu Teaching hospital in Accra. He later relocated to the USA for advanced treatment after McOttley failed to pay back his investment.

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Meanwhile, Appiah's sister, Nana Adwoa, has been given the power of attorney to receive the money on behalf of her brother.

Nana Adwoa told Accra-based Starr FM that they have visited the Dzorwulu office of McOttley several times but she only received GHC22,000 out of the large sum of GHC90,000.  She said an official of the company told her they have a difficulty accessing cash as a result of the Central Bank’s action in the financial sector lately.

“My brother is dying and they don’t seem to get it.  I have been to their office on numerous occasions and all they give me is one excuse to the other. They say it is difficult to have access to money because of what the Central bank is doing in the banking sector."

“But I don’t understand it because this is my brother’s money and we are not even asking for the interest they promised him, we just want the capital that he invested so we can take care of my brother. He is on dialysis and it’s expensive out there. We need help to get our money from them,” she added.

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Nana Adwoa who sounded worried about the last email the company sent to her brother said that they can only discuss a payment plan with him at the end of September 2018.

Meanwhile, a senior marketing executive of McOttley Capital said they have not paid the full amount because they have cash flow challenges.

“We are unable to pay because the money is not there, and that is the issue. It’s not just us, but the entire financial system. There is no money available. But we are hoping that we can put some measures in place to be able to settle him,” he said.