“Don’t greet while going to toilet” – 7 superstitions parents scare kids with

Almost every Ghanaian still remembers some of the scary occurrences that their parents told them were the consequences of doing certain things.

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From losing your parents to seeing a ghost, parents used all sorts of dreadful superstitions to scare their wards from engaging in certain actions.

However, it is becoming clear by the day that parents had good reasons for restraining children from doing certain things, but knowing that the kids are curious beings, they thought it worthwhile to use superstition.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines superstition as “a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or false conception or causation”.

Below are just a few such superstitious beliefs that have stuck with some people till date:

1. Don’t use the water in the mortar to wash your face or you will see ghosts.

2. Don’t sing while bathing or your mother will die.

3. If you sweep in the evening, you are sweeping your wealth away.

4. If you bathe late at night, a ghost will come and bathe with you.

5. You don’t greet when you are going to the toilet.

6. If your palm is itching, it means you are about to get money. And if your legs are itching, it means you are about to travel.

7. If two or more people coincidentally say the same thing at the same time, then someone is gossiping about you.

The use of superstition to put children in check has not stopped completely. Although civilization and mordenisation have defused some of those beliefs in certain parts of the country, they still exist in rural communities.

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