#FixTheCountry procures 5000-acre land to create jobs for Ghanaian youth

#FixTheCountry, the popular Ghanaian movement, is soliciting ideas from the public on how to raise revenue to develop a 5000-acre land it has procured, into a vibrant agribusiness that will employ the youth.

Oliver Barker-Vormawor

The land procurement and the quest to raise funds for its development were disclosed by the social activism group’s convener, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, on his Facebook page on Tuesday, August 9, 2022.

“We need to create jobs for young people.

“We have procured 5000 acres of land. Now we need to raise the revenue to develop a vibrant agro-business,” Barker-Vormawor said, asking: “Any thoughts how?”

The revelation has triggered reactions among his followers, with many hailing the initiative, and some offering to support it in any way possible to make it see the light of day.

Some people have been making suggestions on how to make the dream a reality.

Kablan Augustin Adzakey: “Funds are need to undertake the farm project. A little drop of a coin can make thousands of ghc to start something beneficial to many. I’m for that.”

Ednora Chickah Yobouet: Start growing palm nut and a processing plant for palm oil production and palm wine production

Then for laundry bar soap production

In between we can grow cassava and plantain”

Bright Kumah: That will be great. I would be glad to be part of this great initiative.”

Chukeh Yussif Wajiwie: It is not well connected to make any decision out there with a half info. Probably we would appreciate if we are furnished with a bit more insight of the project at hand. But, I must say that this is a good start and something I I foresee as befitting to fix to an extent some of the problems we owe in Ghana. Thanks comrade in brain”

Ras Tozo: Why agro-business? Why not tech business or other industries? I’m just curious.”

Chrismos Jackeasy: Hmmm even ordinary citizens are able to get 5000 acres of land with the hope of doing something beneficial for the youth...and the government is there with so much power and taxes yet can't do anything better for us....being as dormant as the door mat....Hmmm. Ghana youth it's time to arise for our country. The nation demands our devotion now...It's now or never”

Daryl Bosu: Let’s start by engaging key actors to develop a shared vision and a business plan. Developing the shared vision should explore various pathways agree on the most compatible for sustainability, income and productivity..”

Amos Gbortse Kokoti: I produce Cocopeat and organic compost and ready to support in any little way I can.”

Eda Sarah: Fund raising through events, crowd funding, sponsorships/partnerships/grants, online donations e.t.c”

Agbemor Quoffie: Since food shortage is our major problem in Ghana now, let production be focus on food crops. And your payment/ incentives is what's gonna motivate the youths to enter there for job”

Michael Eli Sergbor: Maize I believe will be the best option. Every three months, you will harvest and sell it to poultry farmers, or market for human consumption.”

Meanwhile, some people say Barker-Vormawor must provide more details about the initiative to pique the interest of potential investors.

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