'I told you I was going to murder him' – Man tells police after killing neighbour

A 52-year-old man from Gloucestershire stabbed his neighbor 27 times to death, sat on the corpse to smoke a cigarette, and then laughed loudly when police arrived, saying "I told you I was going to murder him".

A bloody knife

The suspect, Can Arslan, reportedly inflicted a deep wound on the thigh of the deceased, Matthew Boorman’s wife, after she tried to rescue her husband from the murderer at Walton Cardiff, near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

According to The Sun, prosecutors played a video concerning the incident to the Bristol Crown Court, which is hearing the case. The suspect is seen and heard bragging about the heinous crime.

He has reportedly admitted attempted murder and GBH with intent and affray but denies murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility.


Arslan who killed Mathew on the front lawn of his house reportedly continued boasting of having murdered him even while in police detention.

"He is dead, isn't he? I warned you, the police. One year. Look, it happened. I warned them I was going to murder him, he said while chuckling.

"I warned you people were going to die tonight. More people are going to die tonight. There are contracts on their head.

"I told you I was going to murder him. I was a sniper in the army and I told him not to mess with me. I killed 50 people in the Kurdish army," prosecutors told jurors as quoted by The Sun.


Before some off-duty police officers arrived to attempt to subdue him, he had stabbed another neighbour identified as Peter Marsden.

The officers who wielded golf clubs and wooden slabs could not overpower Arslan. He only dropped the bloody knife when the officers eventually arrived and pointed a taser at him.

It is reported that locals had been trying to evict him for several years due to his anti-social behaviour but to no avail.

An argument over a "shared drive" got the suspect angry, and he threatened to kill his neighbours.


"I'll put you down. I am going to f***ing do a massacre," the suspect allegedly threatened.


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