Police arrest man in spiritualist's shrine trying to kill wife, her Canada-based son

A Ghanaian man has been apprehended by the police for allegedly plotting to spiritually harm his wife in order to take control of a sachet water business established by her son based in Canada.

Sock photo: Woman handcuffed

The incident, which has stirred widespread outrage, unfolded amidst intricate webs of betrayal and deceit.

According to reports from broadcast journalist Kofi Adomah, the son of the suspect’s wife, residing in Canada, decided to make life comfortable for his mother, who had single-handedly supported his education among other things, through various hardships. After graduating from the University of Ghana and traveling abroad where he earns a good income, the son set up a thriving sachet water business for his mother, intending to provide her with financial stability.

However, the suspect, who was married to the woman, harbored sinister intentions. Desiring to seize control of the business and cripple his stepson financially, he allegedly sought assistance from a friend to find a spiritualist capable of inflicting harm on someone who had wronged him, without revealing the identities of the people he intended to harm.

The friend directed the suspect to a known spiritualist. Upon learning of the suspect's intentions to harm his wife, sabotage her son's business, and cause him harm, the spiritualist returned to the friend who directed the suspect to his shrine and disclosed the suspect's evil intentions to him. The spiritualist and his friend thought it prudent to inform the police about the impending danger. They then collaborated with law enforcement to thwart the heinous scheme.


In a chilling video captured by Kofi TV, the suspect is seen engaging in a ritualistic ceremony, invoking spirits to harm his wife and stepson. With guidance from the spiritualist, he commands the souls of his wife and his stepson to appear in a pool of water for him to harm them, brandishing a knife provided by the sinister practitioner.

Fortunately, the police, acting on the tip-off from the suspect's friend and the spiritualist, intervened before any harm could be inflicted. The suspect was promptly arrested while in the midst of his malevolent ritual. The case has since been brought before the courts, where the suspect faces trial.

The gravity of the situation underscores the prevalence of occult practices intertwined with criminal intent, prompting authorities to emphasize vigilance against such insidious acts. As the legal proceedings unfold, Ghanaians have been left shocked at the extent of treachery exhibited in the pursuit of greed and malice. The swift action taken by law enforcement and the collaboration between concerned individuals serve as a testament to the importance of collective vigilance in safeguarding against such atrocities.

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