AG highlights over GH¢10 trillion preserved in judgment debts

President Akufo-Addo's assertion regarding the Attorney-General's instrumental role in saving Ghana over GH¢10 trillion since 2021 has received official endorsement from the Office of the Attorney-General and the Ministry of Justice.

Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame

In a statement released on Friday, March 1, the Office clarified that these substantial savings were a result of a meticulous defense strategy, involving the examination of civil actions against the State, thorough scrutiny of discrepancies, and challenging inflated debts in both domestic litigation and international arbitration.

“savings were made through a process of diligently defending civil actions against the State, meticulously uncovering discrepancies and challenging inflated debts alleged to be owed by the State in litigation in Ghana and arbitration in various international fora.”

The President's statement has sparked diverse interpretations among the public, reflecting the complexity and significance of the Attorney-General's contributions.

The Attorney-General's unwavering defense in numerous civil actions across the country has proven instrumental in successfully shielding the State from substantial judgment debts.


One notable example highlighted by the A-G's office is the successful defense in a case between the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and Heritage Imperial Limited.

According to the A-G’s office, it saved the country over US$15 million in a judgment debt case between the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and the A-G vs Heritage Imperial Limited.

“The plaintiff obtained judgment for US$15,304,714.20 in July 2020 for the seizure and destruction of its mining equipment. In July 2021, the High Court set aside the entire judgment for violating various statutory provisions under an application by the A-G,”

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