The New Patriotic Party (NPP) is “sorry” for the violent attack on the Kumasi Circuit Court by members of the Delta Force.

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He said: “We are saying that we are sorry that our members, some members of our party no matter what they call themselves are engaged in the conduct that we found the Delta Force to be involved. We are very sorry that our members will do that.

“And we are saying sorry for whatever they’ve done to whoever may be offended or whoever may be involved in it. Also to the judiciary, we’ve said so and we continue to disassociate ourselves from the conduct.

Speaking to Joy FM Friday, Mr Blay said the party cannot defend the attack on the court, hoping that it will not be repeated elsewhere or be encourage by the party.

“We think what they did cannot be defended. It is unfortunate they could do what we all condemning. And we are hoping that it will not be repeated elsewhere nor be encouraged by the party,” he said.

“The party doesn’t encourage it and we’ve said it that yes our members who fall foul of the law, the law should take its course. It is unfortunate, we think they shouldn’t have been involved and we are sorry that it has happened.”

“Definitely these are members of our party, they’ve been loyal members and have in different times rendered services to our party which we appreciate but never the party as out of power or in power have not endorsed any recklessness and misbehaving or doing things that are not lawful.”

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On Thursday, members of Delta Force stormed the Kumasi Circuit Court and freed 13 of their members who had been remanded for two weeks by the court.

They vandalised court properties and also threatened the presiding judge.

The Ghana Bar Association, the Judges and Magistrate Association and the Judicial Service have all criticised the attack, calling on the police to do more to protect the court and presiding judges.