Kwakye Ofosu tears Rawlings apart over $3m mansion saga

The former deputy communications minister, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, has descended heavily on former President Jerry John Rawlings for impugning corruption on his part over the purchase of two mansions priced at $3 million.

Kwakye Ofosu tears Rawlings apart over $3m mansion saga

Mr Rawlings, during last year's June 4th celebration, alleged that a member of the erstwhile Mahama administration, bought two mansions worth 3 million US Dollars.

Without mentioning Kwakye Ofosu's name, Mr Rawlings said the minister was a ‘small little character' who served as a deputy minister.

Many political watchers suspected it was the former deputy communications minister the ex-president was referring to.

Reacting to the lingering allegation which has often been used to criticize him, he slammed the the former president for not exhibiting some form of civility on the matter.

According to him, the former president could have called him on the matter for his (Felix's) confirmation or denial when he (Rawlings) stumbled upon the information than to draw his own conclusion and pass judgement. 

“...You cannot say you are an elderly person and yet when you are informed that someone has done something wrong, you won’t even investigate the matter thoroughly before commenting openly, accusing the person wrongly just like that....

“Because he is an elderly person whose words are taken as the gospel truth, that is the reason why he should have been mindful of his utterances in order not to malign someone on the basis of allegation without proof and that is why Ghanaians ought to be disappointed,” he stated.

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