Musah Superior, a former special aide to the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) General Secretary, Kwabena Agyepong has described a leading member of the party, Dr. Kobina Arthur Kennedy, as “a disappointing traitor full of bitterness.”

Dr. Arthur Kennedy is on record to have said the party’s flag-bearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, during his recent press conference to restore calm in the party, should have condemned attempts to impeach National Chairman, Paul Afoko and General Secretary, Kwabena Agyepong following the death of the party’s Upper East Regional Chairman, Adam Mahama. He further rebuked Nana Addo for not inviting the two national executives to the press conference.

“Most people in the National Executive Council (NEC) have already revealed their stance. The same NEC people have been inundated with a number of petitions. So first, Nana Addo should have unequivocally condemned the impeachment procedures that was the key essential for peace. The second thing is that he should have gone to the press conference with Agyepong on his left and Afoko on his right and called for peace,” he said on Citi FM’s The Big Issue show.

However, a letter from Musah Superior stated that Dr. Arthur Kennedy does not in any way qualify to counsel Nana Addo.

Below is the full letter:

You don’t qualify to counsel a colossus of NPP and Ghanaian politics. You are such a disappointing traitor full of bitterness.

After you failed miserably in the 2007 NPP Presidential Primaries, Nana Addo gave you a job as his Communications Director in the 2008 electioneering campaign.

The NPP run unsuccessful campaign and you went berserk.

First you published a book ridiculing our Party after the 2008 elections; then vamoosed and played no role in the 2012 campaign. You were nowhere during the hearing of the election petition and now you have taken it upon yourself to criticise the flag bearer of our Party at every least opportunity.

Most of the issues you raised in the past and now about him are totally false. Nobody in this illustrious Party of ours believe you. I think you are a spent force in Ghanaian politics.

Just concentrate on practicing your medicine and teaching. You will be useful to our country.

I recall how you were disgracefully rejected by the NPP delegates of your constituency in the 2011 NPP primaries. And this was a very small electoral college. This should have been a lesson for you. You are a failed and confused politician.

I am less confident in your coming back. It’s your cup of tea anyway.

Nana doesn’t not need your counsel.

You don’t qualify to counsel a colossus of NPP and Ghanaian politics. You are such a disappointing traitor full of bitterness.

I know, you have never wished the NPP well. I know you didn’t even vote for Nana Addo in 2012 and I don’t believe you will vote for our flag bearer in 2016.

All you are doing is to continue to spew out garbage to try and denigrate Nana Addo to make him unelectable. Your actions from day one after the 2008 elections clearly indicated your stance in the scheme of things in the Party.

You used every opportunity available to you to speak loudly about how incompetent and violent Nana Addo is. You have teamed up with the likes of Nyaho, etc to bastadise Nana Addo without any provocation. Now, I want to put it to you that, we refuse to be indoctrinated by your falsehood.

We will continue to work for our Party and flag bearer in this campaign. Over 94% of one of the biggest electoral colleges in Africa chose him. In fact, we revere him. I know you are pained by the love the NPP fraternity have for Nana Addo. Don’t be. He worked for it. He has become the soul of the Party.

I am sure, you monitored how his intervention swiftly brought calm in the Party after weeks of “feud”. You must be wondering how Nana has become so popular in the tradition. I will tell you why. He is honest, sincere and hardworking.

I am unsure about the role you want play in the Party you consistently indicate your lack of confidence in the leader now until December 2016.

May be you uninterested and careless what we do as a Party but anywhere you find yourself, try to be open and build your principles on honesty. Do not be bitter about the progress/ success of your friends and colleagues and I tell you, you will become an icon like Nana Addo someday.

Good day.

Yours truly

Musah Superior