Zimbabwean immigration officials have deported five Nigerian clergymen who were sent to the country by self-styled “God’s Oracle” Chris Okafor.

Pastor Okafor, who is the general overseer of Mountain Of Liberation And Miracle Ministries (The Liberation City), had sent seven members of his church to Zimbabwe to make preparations for his arrival for a conference convened by a local cleric Joseph Magorimbo.

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According to New Zimbabwe, five Nigerian churchmen were deported on arrival on Sunday, October 4. However, the other two who arrived on a different flight were allowed into the country, following a court order obtained by Magorimbo’s lawyer, Jonathan Samkange.

Shortly after the arrival, state security agents allegedly took in Magorimbo and two Nigerians and “questioned them for hours”.

Speaking through one of his aides, Samkange confirmed that Nigerian churchmen had been questioned.

“Yes we have been told that Magorimbo and the two Nigerian pastors were to the immigration department headquarters and questioned until midnight yesterday (Monday).

“About nine people questioned them and accused Magorimbo of trying to smuggle into the country a Nigerian pastor who had made a negative prophesy about the President (Robert Mugabe),” the lawyer said.

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Samkange said that he had asked Francis Mabika, the assistant regional immigration officer in charge of compliance and enforcement, to explain what the problem was.

“He told me it was not him and he had no say as to what was happening.

“My clients told me they had been threatened and in fact we do not know where the Nigerians are because when Magorimbo was released the two foreigners were taken away in a truck and their whereabouts are unknown. We can only speculate,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Okafor cancelled his trip to Zimbabwe, following the threats and clear indications he would not be allowed entry into the country.

Credit: naij.com