Trump’s win: America was just not ready for a woman, period!

I was particularly amazed when I watched a woman voter last night on CNN who stated categorically that she doesn’t want to be ruled by a woman, and she was furious at the mere thought of it.

Trump has won the US presidency; congratulations to him. Truth is, that’s all there is to it, nothing more.

As predicted, some Ghanaians are already stretching ahead of themselves to draw conclusions and similarities and desperately hoping that same happens in Ghana; enough of the wishful thinking, wake up to the reality of the situation, different personalities are involved here; it’s not that simple.

To those minded to facts and realities, let’s subject the outcome of the US elections to the test of reality and cold facts. Let me state emphatically that Hillary lost the election largely because of her personality and the challenges that came with her conduct as a person.

The cold truth also is that the hate of the media and their consistent bias towards Trump made it difficult for people to really assess his strength and capabilities, so they tend to monitor him by what he has achieved for himself and what he stands for; and that perhaps did the magic. The media blurred his policies but the people knew the real truth. The media is not always the accurate reflection of the reality.


Fact is, as we speak, Obama’s approval rating stands at 54 percent which is by far, outstanding in the recent history of America. It could therefore not be the case that Hillary lost because Obama has not delivered; it is her personality and not the party – the Democrats.

It is also so true that Americans are just not ready for a Woman President, simple as that. I was particularly amazed when I watched a woman voter last night on CNN who stated categorically that she doesn’t want to be ruled by a woman, and she was furious at the mere thought of it. It is not surprising that Hillary herself sees her victory at the Democrat primaries as a break of the glass ceiling. She knew her people and she hoped they had shifted from the male supremacist mentality, but no, America doesn’t want to have a lady as commander-in-chief, at least not anytime soon. And this was reiterated by the popular BBC columnist who said that majority of Americans are just not ready for a woman.

Weeks ahead of the US election, a renowned Ghanaian international journalist Elizabeth Ohene had said on Kweku Sakyi-Addo’s respected show – The Lounge – that "Majority of the countries that have been headed by women didn't bring any difference to minority groups.” This clearly showed that right from day one, Hillary was heading for doom, but the world refused to face the truth.

I also do hope that those quickly drawing inspiration from Trump’s win will be honest enough to acknowledge that almost all the polls in the world predicted a win for Hillary, just as has been done here. If there is any similarities here; it sure doesn’t favour their argument. Mind you, the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) predicted victory for Hillary just as it has done for Ghana’s opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo. Trump was to lose per the polls…and Mahama is to lose per the polls; I hope you get it now.

Again, show me one candidate in the US history who has suffered mistrust more than Hillary Clinton and I will show you how to win an election in Russia.


It is also a fact that the reckless exercise of discretion by Hillary through the emails caused her so much than Trump’s insults. Hillary lost this election because of her person and the unique factors that worked against her and that is about it. You could dream all you want, but the dynamics in Ghana are different and real. The candidates and scenarios are just too different and worlds apart.

By Dan Acheampong/Freelance Journalist


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