History of sports betting: how did it appear

Today, PariPesa is firmly entrenched in the international betting landscape globally—however, the origins of sports betting trace back to ancient civilizations.

Online sports betting

Throughout history, instances of wagering can be traced, with documented disputes arising over the outcomes of various competitions in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, including disputes among spectators regarding the results of the Olympic Games and gladiatorial contests. Since ancient times, betting has evolved and expanded significantly.

Advantages of betting with modern bookmaker PariPesa

In addition to a whole galaxy of generous offers, the bookmaker has convenient functionality for betting. PariPesa covers over 50 sports and several hundred different tournaments, both the most popular and exotic, and niche for users.

Another strong point of BC is the rich list, even for ordinary meetings. If you open a regular Ghanaian championship match, you can easily find over a hundred markets, including rare ones.


When did online sports betting first appear?

This industry is prevalent all over the world. Every second inhabitant of our planet who has reached the age of 18 has made a bet with a bookmaker at least once in his life. Most of them are made with sportsbet app download Paripesa as it is very convenient.

The bettor does not need to go anywhere: have a computer or phone and access to the Internet. But when did online betting first appear? Today, we will tell you about this.

Benefits of online betting

Many people periodically look into bookmakers and other similar establishments. But still, the majority of bets are made online. This is explained by the fact that this type of game has many advantages:


● Full picture. When betting offline, there is not always such a type of bet as the Asian handicap, which, by the way, is popular among bettors and allows you to get a more significant win over the course;

● Full information about the upcoming event. Bookmakers keep complete statistics for each team, which definitely increases comfort during the game;

● Bets are placed without leaving your home. This is very convenient, mainly if the bookmaker is located far from you;

● The presence of a huge number of bonuses. New players receive especially generous gifts;

● The website is open 24 hours a day, but the bookmaker's office is closed.


That is why almost 80% of all bets are made online.

What about agreements?

Many beginners who learn that match-fixing exists dream they can easily earn a lot from it in a bookmaker's office. We will disappoint you: you definitely won't find information about agreements online. Yes, such matches exist, and in different sports. But any leak of information threatens the organizers with criminal liability! Therefore, the next time you see an advertisement about the availability of one hundred percent information on match-fixing, pass by.

The most crucial question: whether you can beat the bookmaker

In general, the bookmaker is not your opponent because he is not responsible for the result of a particular outcome. Teams, players, and other components of a specific event are responsible for it. A bookmaker is an intermediary through which you can make a profit.


What to do in case of a conflict with the office

No matter how strange it may sound, in most cases, the player himself is wrong. Before playing, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the betting rules of each bookmaker. If you have never read such documents, you will be surprised at how many nuances there are, not to mention the basic calculation rules for each sport.

For example, in some offices, bets on hockey were accepted, taking into account overtime, and in others, taking into account regular time. There was confusion among the players; after the team won in overtime, the bet turned out to be a losing one, and bookmaker clients sent all their dogs to the support service, which then poked their noses into the rules for calculating bets. And there are many such examples.

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