More footballers should call pundits out as Richarlison did to Carragher

Everton forward Richarlison hit back at Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher on Twitter after the pundit had criticised him.

Everton forward Richarlison hits back at Jamie Carragher on Twitter following comeback win over Crystal Palace in the rpremier league on Thursday night

Carragher an ex-Liverpool player who now works as a pundit has been critical of Richarlison multiple times this season.

And this time he finally got the attention of the Everton star with his comments about Richarlison “pretending he's hurt when he's not."

Richarlison didn’t take that likely at all, replying in a sensational fashion via a strongly worded tweet in a way that is unusual for active players.

Whether or not you think Richarlison’s reaction was excessive or adequate, the fact is that Carragher’s criticism had gone beyond punditry and started to appear personal.

Pundits are allowed to criticise as long as it remains constructive and within the confines of their profession. The minute pundits start attacking a player’s person, the onus should not be on the player to remain civil.

If pundits like Carragher are enabled by their platform to keep launching attacks on players disguised as punditry, it’s only fair for players to respond without being sanctioned.

This is why Richarlison’s response, however disrespectful, should be the norm going forward, more players should follow in his footsteps.

For years now, Graeme Souness has been constantly criticising Paul Pogba for on and off-pitch activities including hairstyles and facial expressions.

It would be deeply satisfying to see Pogba respond in a similar fashion to how Richarlison did to Carragher even if it only happens once, just to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Guys like Danny Murphy and Gabby Agbonlahor who were bang average players in their day (and that’s generously put) have developed a knack for disparaging present-day footballers since they transitioned into the studio.

Instant brutal reactions from players would help the pundits become more cautious and respectful in their approach which is why more players should try it.

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