The Ghanaian actress has landed in the U.S, where she has reunited with her mother. In a hilarious conversation which she has shared online, she gave her mother cash of $250 but she said that's chicken change and she didn't expect that from her.

"Next time when you are giving me money and don't give me 200 and 250 what will I do with it? ... how can a superstar give me 200?" she said and in responses, Efia asked if she needs to get a 'Papa No' too and she said, "if you have some, you would have given me 10,00-, look for some".

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Efia Odo shared the video captioned it "Shorty story featuring the love of my life". The video has been cracking ribs online as the post has gathered over 80,000 views after hours plus hundreds of comments.

Watch the video below.