The 22-year-old said she is very much aware of the importance of the creative arts sector in its contribution to the good reputation of the country.

Scilla Owusu, who is also a screenwriter, has formed a workshop, Youngtrepreneurs, which is a social impact workshop to provide youth led workshops in different creative sectors.

The workshop will be launched in August 2019 based in Accra, Ghana.

Check out Pulse Ghana's exclusive interview with her below....

Scilla Owusu
Scilla Owusu

PG: What is your general impression about the creative industry in Ghana?

SO: My general impression about the Ghanaian creative industry is that it's making progress. Last year alone during my trip in Ghana I was exposed to so many amazing young musicians music on the radio and just around Accra in general. All different type of genres. Back in the days, I felt like we only heard rap or hip-life, but now there is some diversity which is really good. Regarding the creative industry in other aspects, I definitely think it is on the rise but perhaps not rising at the same pace as music. But overall, I think we're doing well and hopefully every year we can do even better. 

PG: What should we do to improve the creative industry in Ghana?

SO: As individuals I think what we can do the improve the creative industry is support one another. And I mean in all aspects. Buying your friends products he/she designed, paying to attend your friends shows to watch them perform, promoting each other, seeking or creating opportunities where you can to support an aspiring creative. Most importantly, I think the Ghanaian creative industry needs to keep on educating themselves and find new ways to get noticed. So just researching new ways how to stand out. Improving their skills and making sure whatever end product they put out is quality. As a country, I definitely think the government could help provide more funding for the creative arts. As that seems to be the biggest set back. If we had more opportunities where grants where given I think that's a step into the right direction. Also people in key positions using their platform to offer experience/internships and jobs to people who aspire to get in their field. 

Scilla Owusu has formed this workshop which is a social impact workshop
Scilla Owusu has formed this workshop which is a social impact workshop

PG: What is youngtrepreneurs and how is it going to impact the youth in Ghana?

SO: Youngtrepreneurs derives from the two words "Young" & "entrepreneurs". This is a social impact educational organisation. The core goals are to provide youth led workshops in different creative sectors. Infusing professional expertise from Ghanaian experts to improve knowledge, gain job experience and providing jobs in the medium to long term for young creative talents in Ghana. Especially to also support our priority of progressing gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

I believe these workshops will help impact the youth in Ghana because it is said that young people between the ages of 15 and 35 make up about a third (33.5%) of Ghana’s population. While unemployment is a challenge among all age groups, its impact is particularly severe among the youth. Young people tend to have higher rates of unemployment and to engage in vulnerable and informal employment. And this is usually because of limited or no work experience, which tends to impede their chances of securing productive and/or formal sector jobs. However, through our workshops. We are taking an active approach to not only further educate them through successful Ghanaian individuals within their desired fields. But to also further give them the experience and opportunity to work directly in that field. Eventually reducing the rate of youth unemployment. This gives the Ghanaian talents the platform to showcase their skills to their employers and get the training to increase their chances of earning long term paid employment or resources and knowledge to start their own business from scratch. 

PG: Why should people sign up to this workshop?

SO: I think at the moment, the opportunities in the creative arts in Ghana are not many and this workshop is a great stepping stone. Especially as we are looking to tackle ALL creative sectors so there will always be something for someone. Furthermore, we are helping to train tomorrow's future leaders, as we can not build the future for our youth but we can build our youth for the future. 

Scilla Owusu
Scilla Owusu

About Scilla Owusu

Priscilla Akosua Boatemaa Owusu, Known as Scilla Owusu is a 22 year old British-Ghanaian Director, Screenwriter & Producer based in London. Set on changing the conversation through film & music videos with her creative talents & intricate eye for detail.

In 2015, Scilla Owusu started her career as a Screenwriter & film producer. Creating her first project, an online series entitled ‘A Lesson Learnt’. In 2016, it was awarded best web series ensemble at the prestigious Screen Nation Media Awards for the Digital online category.

After graduating college in 2015 with a degree in business studies. Scilla took a gap year and dived straight into the music video industry. Starting as a production assistant to production manager then eventually as a producer for a few years, Scilla later developed a love for directing.

Scilla has since worked professionally with some of Africa’s most renowned artist on their music videos. Featuring the likes of Wande Coal, Fuse ODG, Burna Boy, Patoranking, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Mr Eazi, Davido, and many more.