Emelia, who suddenly switched from acting to music last year, has been ridiculed for venturing into music and her songs have been branded ‘amateurish’.

However, it seems she isn’t backing off because her new venture is paying off gradually.

According to the “Fame Ko” singer, nobody advised her to venture into music, and that she chose music due to her love for the craft.

“I went into music due to my love for the craft. Nobody advised me to go into music or add it to my acting career,” she told Halifax on Okay FM Wednesday (October 14). “I’m not only into acting — I do TV presentation as well. I see myself as an entertainer so there’s nothing wrong if I add music to my acting career.”

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When asked about the backlash she has been receiving over her music, Emelia Brobbey disclosed that she ignores them and focus on the positive feedback from fans.

“I don’t want to dwell on what people say, I’m just dwelling on positivity. Since I’m able to create lyrics, I’ll sing for people who love it and will not allow people who don’t like it to weigh me down.”

She continued: “I was well-established before entering into music, so I’m not doing music for money. People who watch my movie know that I love singing. ‘Fame Ko’ is even my second single with a music video. My first song was for my charity and features Brother Sammy. So, I don’t know why people are surprised.”

She added that her songs have generated revenues and secured her a few ambassadorial deals.

“I make money from my music. My songs generate revenue at the end of the month on streaming platforms. I’ve also earned a few endorsements through music. Sometimes it’s not all about the money you earn from something. I might not make money from music today, but a time will come where it will bring me something,” she added.

Watch the interview below.