It has definitely been the summer of Jidenna and his 'Classic Man' movement.

On the heels of the break out song that thrown the rising star to the top of the chart, he does it again by enlisting the help of TDE star Kendrick Lamar to grace the beat. The pair head to the west coast to shoot the visual for the 'Classic Man' remix.

The video takes place in California with rappers Lamar and Ty Dolla $igns making cameo appearances in the clip at a swanked-out garage party.

In addition, Jidenna found himself as the topic of conversation earlier this month as he opened up about his upbringing and being biracial with a Nigerian-born father. In a recent interview, he details some of the dangers he faced traveling to Nigeria simply based upon the color of his skin.

Watch the debonair rapper's swanky visual for newest installment of the 'Classic Man' saga.