Now Available Africa, a renowned advertising agency in Accra has released a cover of the viral Sarkodie ‘Advice’ track in celebration of recent wins at the 2018 Gong Gong advertising awards ceremony.

In typical creative style the agency chose an unconventional route to celebrate their wins with a compelling cover of Sarkodie’s hit track. In addition to showcasing their awards on the track, Now Available Africa wittingly hit at other advertising agencies and ‘Adviced’ businesses interested in sending their work to the next level to get in touch.

Through this campaign, Now Available leveraged on a popular development in the music and entertainment space and made it relevant to advertising and the business co mmunities.

“We were determined not to replicate the monotonous predictable manner in which companies celebrate award winnings in Ghana. As a leading advertising agency we felt a greater sense of responsibility in demonstrating how creativity can be employed in any given situation” Benjamin Anyan, Creative Director at Now Available revealed “So we got together and did everything. ‘Advice’ was the winning idea because it was different, exciting and seemed likely to get us in ‘good trouble’.”

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The music track and its accompanying artwork have sparked buzz and excitement in an industry that is usually quiet and void of creative feudal displays with several other advertising agencies promising to respond in the coming days.