It is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.


1 1/2 dry coconut

7 tablespoons of sugar

Pinch of salt


Remove the coconut fruit from the hard casing and wash

Grate the coconut on the smaller side of the grater. Use warm water and gently massage the coconut and then separate the liquid from the chaff with the strainer (Warm water helps to melt the fat from the chaff).

Put the liquid- Milk on fire on low heat. Scoop the white milk from the water. If it is boiled the milk will be mixed with the water hence difficult separate the milk

Now put the separated milk back on fire. Add salt and sugar

Keep stirring the milk till the oil and the toffee start to separate.

Use the ladle to scoop out the oil and keep on stirring the toffee till golden brown.

Turn the toffee onto the chopping board. Allow to cool a little and then cut and mould them into shape.

Wrap in food plastic bags to keep them from melting.