An American health care worker who got infected with Ebola while volunteering in Sierra Leone has arrived the National Institutes of Health hospital in Maryland for treatment, CNN reports.

A chartered plane flew the patient to the United States from Sierra Leone, where said person tested positive. The NIH did not, however, release details about the patient's condition or identity.

The patient is the second person with Ebola to be admitted to the NIH hospital. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital nurse, Nina Pham was admitted to NIH in October after she contracted the disease while treating Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan.

She recovered and was released free of disease, her patient, Duncan however died.

NIH is one of only four hospitals in the United States that have biocontainment units and has been practicing for years to treat a highly infectious disease such as Ebola.

Sierra Leone is one of the badly hit West African countries that is still recording new cases of Ebola, Liberia released their last patient 2 weeks ago and is on the countdown to being declared an Ebola-free country.