Ghanaian man seeks help to disentangle from 'friends with benefits' mess

A Ghanaian man is seeking help on how to get rid of a "friend with benefit" who has found a way to win the hearts of his parents to the extent that they are now putting pressure on him to marry her, against his will.

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The young man wrote a letter to AJ Sarpong Akuoko, host of Citi FM/TV’s Sister Sister show, crying about how he had not made any commitment to the lady, but she claimed to be carrying his pregnancy.

He added that he can’t marry the lady because of how desperately she managed to manipulate her parents into accepting her into the family in his absence and without his consent.

Read the full details of his letter below:

“I am a 31 year old man and unsure about what to do with this situation I have gotten myself entangled in. I recently just relocated to Ghana for work after living in the USA for the last 7 years. I initially decided to stay with my parents until I sorted out my accommodation. I happen to meet a girl at an event and I liked her. We had a mutual agreement to have a casual relationship without any commitment as I was not ready for that until I fully settled in. However we began a sort of "Friends with Benefits" arrangements, where she would come over to my parents house whenever they weren't at home for us to hook up.

Sisters, I had to leave town for work as I need to supervise a project of the company which sent me to Kumasi for 3 months, so I made sure to inform the lady that I was going out of town for the period and left for work.

AJ, After 3 months I came back to Accra and was soo shocked to find this lady that I was casually dating was in the kitchen cooking with my mother! I further found out that this lady had been helping my little sister with her coursework, she had also become friendly with my Father and he had began considering her his daughter and had basically become a permanent fixture in my parent's home.

Apparently this Lady knowing I was out of town visited and introduced herself as my girlfriend and found a way to worm her way into their hearts. She was practically my Mother's PA or best friend and was doing everything with her.

Sisters, I confronted her and asked why she did that and she gleefully broke the news to me that she was 3 months pregnant and she knew it was mine, and to ensure I don't run from the responsibility she decided to inform my entire family before letting me know.

�AJ, I was so shocked that she would do that and also very angry at Parents because the fact that I hadn't lived with them for a long time doesn't mean that parents should be accepting of anyone who came in to say such things.

AJ, now my parents are giving me pressure to be with this woman because she is having my child but I don't want to do so. In fact I don't even think this child is mine and do not want to have a child with a woman who I find very devious and manipulative.

�I think she is very demonic to want to smuggle herself into my family when she knew I was not in town. She was very deliberate and calculated and I want nothing to do with her.

How do I kick this woman out without offending my parents and what can I do about this situation?”

Meanwhile, some followers of the Sister Sister show on Facebook, where the letter was shared, slammed the guy, accusing him of being an opportunist who is attempting to escape the consequences of his actions.

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