Gayism is the ‘order of the day’ in prison – Ex-convict makes shocking revelations

An ex-convict who spent about 10 years in prison has made shocking revelations during his stay there.


According to him, he was arrested in Kumasi on June 4, 2011, for dealing in drugs and was later transferred to the famed Nsawam prison.

The ex-convict revealed that instead of the prison serving as a deterrent to people who do bad deeds, it rather a place that spurs bad deeds.

Amongst other revelations, he noted that gayism is at widespread in prison.

"I thought prison was a place that helps people to change from their bad deeds, but instead, it's a ground that motivates one to do these bad deeds," he said.

Adding that "What's more deteriorating is gayism in prison. It is so rampant there. Usually, longer serving prisoners poach the new ones and lure them into sleeping with them. They (longer serving prisoners) treat them nicely from the beginning so they are unable to resist when it's time to sleep with them (new ones)."

The ex-convict emphasized that prison officers are aware of all these things because they happen under their watch.

"The officers are aware of everything that happens in there,” he said.


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