Ghana leads Sub-Region with cleanest fuel - NPA Boss

Ghana's National Petroleum Authority (NPA) Chief Executive proudly asserts that the nation leads the West African sub-region with the cleanest fuel.

Ghana's Petroleum sector

Dr. Abdul-Hamid highlights Ghana's fuel specifications, specifically a Sulphur content set at an impressively low 50 parts per million (ppm), showcasing the country's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Speaking as a panelist at the Egypt Energy Show in Cairo, Dr. Abdul-Hamid attributes Ghana's environmentally conscious fuel policies to calls from civil society organizations and the public. These voices advocated for adherence to decarbonization objectives and the protection of the environment, leading to a significant policy shift in Ghana to reduce Sulphur content in fuel.

As the President of the African Refiners and Distributors Association (ARDA), Dr. Abdul-Hamid unveils Ghana's efforts to enhance clean cooking across the nation by transforming the LPG distribution model. Citing past accidents at LPG refilling stations and the need to address environmental concerns, the new Cylinder Recirculation Model (CRM) becomes imperative.

The CRM, with exchange points being constructed nationwide, aims to improve access to LPG while also promoting safety.


Furthermore, Dr. Abdul-Hamid sheds light on the government's ambitious LPG for Development Program, targeting a 50 percent penetration of LPG in households by 2030.

He reveals the government's provision of free LPG cylinders to impoverished rural households, addressing the initial challenges of affording cylinders and cookstoves that led to reliance on wood fuels.

In a bold move towards sustainable transportation, the NPA Boss announces the government's procurement of 100 electric-powered buses for the Metro Mass Transit Limited (MMT), exemplifying commitment to the energy transition agenda. Additionally, Dr. Abdul-Hamid underscores the government's policy for state institutions to embrace solar power, extending incentives to private individuals seeking to solar-power their establishments.

Commending the freedom of speech in Ghana, Dr. Abdul-Hamid acknowledges the pivotal role of civil society organizations and the public in steering the nation towards cleaner energy.

Ghana's strides in environmentally friendly fuel, LPG distribution, and sustainable energy policies not only set an example in the sub-region but also contribute to a global push for cleaner and more sustainable energy practices.

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