8 Warning signs of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a leading type of cancer in women, it occurs in men as well but rarely. These signs are pointers to the disease, if nipped early it could be contained...

It's necessary to carry out periodic checks on the breast

Breast cancer is a leading cancer type among women.

Breast cancer develops from breast tissue but they usually come with signs before they become full blown.

With periodic checks and more, breast cancer caught in the early stage can be contained. The first sign of breast cancer often is a breast lump or an abnormal mammogram.

It comes in stages ranging from early to curable breast cancer and then metastatic breast cancer with a variety of breast cancer treatments.

There are signs that act as pointers to breast cancer below:

1. You notice nipple discharge

2. You notice changes in breast appearance

3. The nipples become sensitive

4. You have pains in the chest/ breast area

5. You notice a lump in the breast or the armpit

6. You notice breasts are swollen

7. You have pain in the upper back, neck and shoulder areas

8. You notice itching on the breasts

Be sure to check with a physician if you notice any of these symptoms above as early detection of breast  cancer is treatable.

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