Ghana International Trade and Finance Conference CEO accused of unlawful actions

Mr. Selasi Ackom, CEO of the Ghana International Trade and Finance Conference (GITFIC) and owner of Rescue Shipping and Investment Agency, finds himself at the center of a brewing scandal.

The accused, Selasi Ackom

The allegations stem from his involvement in the clearing of a massive rice importation from Vietnam, which has escalated into a public dispute involving accusations of fraud, extortion, and false claims.

Import Ventures Gone Awry

The saga began when a local entrepreneur decided to expand his rice importation venture, seeking the expertise of Mr. Selasi Ackom for the clearing process. A team was formed, including a consultant, a marketing expert, and Mr. Selasi himself, aiming to streamline the importing and distribution of the goods. However, the harmonious plan took a drastic turn as Mr. Selasi allegedly inflated service charges, triggering a dispute among the team members.

Disputed Invoices and Threats


The entrepreneur and his team were taken aback when Mr. Selasi presented an exorbitant invoice for clearing the rice shipment, far exceeding the standard industry rates. Despite attempts to reason with him and a revision of the invoice, Mr. Selasi allegedly threatened to impose demurrage charges, escalating the situation further. The entrepreneur, feeling cornered, decided to revoke Rescue Shipping and Investment Agency's mandate for clearing the goods.

Customs Intervention and Unexpected Claims

Seeking a resolution, the entrepreneur turned to the Ghana Customs authorities, who uncovered shocking details. Mr. Selasi had reportedly engaged another company, Essan Loco, to clear the rice without the knowledge of the rightful owners. Customs investigations further revealed that Rescue Shipping and Investment Agency wasn't recognized as a legitimate clearing agency by port authorities. The entrepreneur, armed with this information, sought Customs intervention to rectify the situation.

False Accusations and Public Outcry

The situation took a dark turn when Mr. Selasi allegedly resorted to spreading misinformation. He circulated pictures of the General Director of the importing company, declaring him wanted and accusing the team of stealing the rice. False reports were lodged with both the shipping line and Customs authorities, setting off a wave of confusion and unwarranted legal actions against the entrepreneur and his team.


In response to these allegations, the entrepreneur has come forward, cautioning the public about Mr. Selasi Ackom's actions. The accused CEO of GITFIC is accused of attempting to defraud the importing company, tarnishing its reputation with false claims, and offering a reward for the arrest of the General Director.

The importing company urges the public to exercise caution and vigilance when dealing with Mr. Selasi Ackom.

This unfolding story reveals the complexities and challenges within Ghana's trade and business landscape, shedding light on the importance of transparency and ethical business practices.


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