A former Member of Parliament (MP) for Lower Manya Krobo, Michael Teye Nyaunu, has blamed the party’s defeat in the just ended December polls to the poor coordination of the campaign by the team.

He also explained that the President’s intervention in the Montie three saga can also be a factor for their defeat.

“I think the clash of the executive arm and the judiciary in respect of the Montie Three release [was a factor in our defeat]. The system with which we handled that issue offended the sensibility of a lot of Ghanaians.”

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But he said the campaign team should largely be blamed for the defeat. Speaking to Accra-based Class FM he said the campaign team did not access their work during the campaign.

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“Then the party’s activities regarding the campaign was not coordinated very well, in fact it was not coordinated at all, because we have a national campaign team but I never knew when they even attended meetings, not even for once. When the various campaign teams moved for instance, the president’s campaign team, the vice president’s campaign team, the Chief of Staff’s team and on and on and on, not even one day did all these groups assemble to review their activities. We were just going on our ways like a pipe that is burst, flowing like that and not checking our back. I think that also didn’t augur well for us at all.”

The NDC lost the polls massively to the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP). The new NPP government will fully take over power from the NDC on January 7, 2017 when President-elect Nana Akufo-Addo is sworn into office.