Mahama placed tax on condoms and cutlasses - John Boadu reveals

The General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu, has stated that former President John Mahama and former Finance Minister Seth Terkper are on public record as being the worst pair to ever manage the Ghanaian economy.

Seth Tekper and John Mahama

According to him, Mahama and Seth Terkper placed taxes on condoms and cutlasses for Ghanaians to pay.

Mahama has blamed President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for the high level of public sector debts that has consumed the country.

He said the President uses the COVID-19 pandemic for reckless spending.

According to him, Ghana's debt has ballooned to unsustainable levels- topping 80% of GDP- exposing the country to a very high risk of debt default.


Almost all of the tax revenue, he said, is used to service debt and the effect has been the introduction of several new taxes. This has led to rampant increments in the prices of goods and services.

Speaking at the state of the economy forum organised by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) pro-forum on Monday, September 6, 2021, Mahama said "I am on record to have predicted in November 2016 that, due to the work we had done to overcome the economic headwinds and the coming on stream of two additional oil fields, economic growth will go past 7% in 2017 and beyond. This was confirmed by the World Bank and IMF, predicting growth above 8% for the same period.

"Additional oil revenue, a resolved energy crisis paving way for more and sustainable generation of power, and sound implementation of our home-grown policies were going to make life comfortable for the new government after 2017.


"Despite these favourable conditions, most of the gains we made and bequeathed to this government have been eroded and we have been plunged into further economic crisis.

"COVID-19 has become the convenient whipping boy and has been cited as the reason for the crisis we face now and the attendant economic hardships. Yes, COVID-19 affected the economy, and no one can dispute that."

John Boadu speaking to the press conference on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, said Mahama and Terkper were bereft with ideas, thereby, leaving the economy in its worst state by the time Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo became President in 2017.

He said: "Former President Mahama and Seth Terkper are on public record as being the worse duo to have ever been in charge of the Ghanaian economy at the same time."

"This pair is a dangerous pair, yet in their public forum on 6th September 2021, this pair sought to create the impression that they had the best of times running this Ghanaian economy," he added.


"Unfortunately for them, the facts show otherwise. Much as John Mahama seek his re-election on a campaign platform of going back to the IMF, he attempts to confuse history by painting a rosy picture. He said he is somebody who loves history but he confuses history by attempting to paint a rosy picture of his disastrous management of the Ghanaian economy between 2012 and 2016.

"His economy under Seth Terkper never recovered leading to unheard of taxation measures including putting taxes on condoms and cutlasses," he added.1


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