Ruth Quayson, Priscilla Blessing Bentum and Priscilla Koranchie are believed to have been kidnapped between August 2018 and January 2019 and have since not been found.

The key suspect, Samuel Udoetuk-Wills, a Nigerian, was jailed recently but is still facing other charges before the Sekondi High Court after he escaped from jail in December 2018 following his first arrest.

Last Friday, Police retrieved human parts from the septic tank of his apartment with suspicion these could be the missing girls.

According to the police, DNA from the bones would be compared to samples from families of the girls to establish if the remains are those of the victims.

The family however don’t trust the police to carry out a genuine examination.

Mr. Alexander Kuranchie, father of Priscilla Mantebea Kuranchie who agreed to give DNA samples to the police for the forensic analysis has changed his mind.

He and the rest of the families believe the announced discovery of bones is only a cover-up by the police.

He wondered why the police went to search the house of the Nigerian kidnapper, Sam Udoetuk Wills almost a year after his arrest.

Mr. Kuranchie said he will not give his DNA sample until he is assured the test would be done by an internationally recognised forensic laboratory.