Most radio presenters who worked in Kumasi bowed out of their respective media houses to pick up juicy offers from those in Accra. The situation is not peculiar to the Golden City as some presenters from other regions get poached.

One of the presenters who has stayed true to his station for sixteen years has stated that the standard of radio in Kumasi has fallen since most of the City’s prominent presenters have left for better offers in the nation’s capital.

“Radio station is like a football team. When you groom the players and they leave for other places, it becomes difficult to gather amateurs and train them. It is disheartening to see our prominent radio presenters leave the Garden City. About 40% are in Accra now and I can tell you on authority that most are on the verge of leaving. It becomes problematic when those who know the radio game well have to move to Accra”, Frankie Taylor lamented.

According to the host of the “African Express” show, the presenters abandon Kumasi radio stations because of bad working conditions and lack of respect on the part of the employers. He has therefore called on employers to desist from such treatments.

“Employers should be serious. There is no respect for presenters, no modern logistics…some presenters do not even have appointment letters, you can’t even play a promotional CD without being questioned. They always want to hear old songs. If a song is not new, how does it become old? It is bad”, he said on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review.

Frankie Taylor, however hinted that he would love to be in Accra since the conditions of service in Kumasi keeps deteriorating.