The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) has warned that players who involve themselves in any European Super League will be banned from international football.

Reports circulating suggest that some top European clubs are planning to break away from their domestic leagues to form a Super League.

Clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, among others, are reported to be considering the idea.

Last week, German publication Der Spiegel also reported that some of the aforementioned clubs held secret talks to create a such a set-up by 2021.

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However, responding to these speculations, FIFA president Gianni Infantino said it is the Association’s duty to “protect football”.

He said if clubs want to generate more revenue, then FIFA’s own plans for a Club World Cup was "the answer to any attempt to break away from the leagues",

According to him, such a tournament will not only generate more revenues for the clubs but also “much more revenues for solidarity".

"We have seen for many years these attempts to break away outside of the structures, going back to the 1990s," Infatino said, warning that players who are involved in any Super League will be banned from international tournaments.

This, he said, includes continental tournaments like the AFCON, EUROS and even the World Cup.

"You are either in or you are out. If there are players who don't play organised football then that encompasses everything - national leagues, confederation competitions, the Euros and the World Cup.

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"It is up to us to protect football and come up with solutions that benefit clubs and also the world football community,” said Infantino.