Oliver Bierhoff refused to commit himself to a return to the Bundesliga in a backroom capacity after his contract with the German national team ends in 2020.

The former AC Milan striker currently serves as the general manager to Germany's senior team, making him a prolific personality in the media and responsible for many public relations duties.

The 48-year-old is contracted to remain in the role until 2020, while he is also a prominent figure in the development of the DFB Academy, a project looking to improve coaching and young players in German football.

He was quick to insist that he would not rule anything out completely, but the non-stop nature of club football is not something that is specifically luring him back.

"In football you should never say never," he told the Hamburger Morgenpost.

"I now have the academy project and a contract with the DFB until 2020. What comes next, I do not want to predict.

"The Bundesliga and the daily operations of club football are very demanding. I have high respect for my colleagues."

Despite the rigours of club football not necessarily appealing to Bierhoff, the DFB Academy is keeping him busy and he is particularly keen to see it help encourage German coaches to follow Jurgen Klopp's example and try their hand abroad.

"German football does an excellent job," he added. "The danger, however, is always that if one is satisfied you tend to carry on the same path.

"We have for many years had discussions about this system, but others areas have been favoured and the coaching neglected.

"The teaching in the academy should also be partly in English. If the language barrier is gone, more options abroad will arise.

"An objective of the academy will be to watch a German trainer at a top international club.

"Through this project, I can learn a lot. It brings me fun and we have a huge opportunity to develop football, across the world."