The legendary footballer’s corpse was dressed by a funeral home before his funeral was held and his body buried.

However, photos emerged on social media showing three of the funeral workers who had taken selfies with the body of the deceased football icon.

The funeral workers – Diego Molina, Claudio Fernandez, and his son Ismael – have since been fired by the funeral home they work for.

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Diego Maradona's coffin
Diego Maradona's coffin

Diego Molina went ahead to turn himself to the police after Maradona’s lawyer threatened legal action against him.

“For the sake of my friend’s memory, I will not rest until he pays for this outrage,” Maradona’s lawyer posted on social media.

Meanwhile, Claudio Fernandez and his son Ismael have also taken to an Argentinian radio to beg for forgiveness.

“We were getting ready to take Diego to the wake and my son, being a typical youngster, made the thumbs-up sign and had his photo taken,” said Claudio.

“I ask for everyone’s forgiveness. I’ve worked for Maradona’s father and his brother-in-law. I’ve been close to Diego while he was alive. I would never have disrespected him while he was alive because he was my idol and it was not my intention after he died.

“I know a lot of people have been very offended and have taken it badly. I know it upset them. I ask all of them to forgive us.”

Maradona passed away last Wednesday after suffering a cardiac arrest just a few days after undergoing surgery on a blot clot in his brain.