Delay warns Bridget Otoo over 'snake' friend behind 'horrible' video from her wedding

Delay has waded into the controversial video that came from Bridget Otoo's wedding. The video shows the husband of the Ghanaian TV presenter refusing to kiss her on their wedding day amidst their wedding guests.

Bridget Otoo addresses her husband's refusal to kiss her on their wedding day (VIDEO)

Commenting on the video on her show, Delay has warned Bridget Otoo to be very careful of her friend who filmed the video from the ceremony and posted it on social media. "As for me, I only have two takes on this issue," Delay said on the 'Instaglam' segment of her show.

"There are some men who are shy to do things in public, he can't kiss you in public. I don't think that if the man doesn't like a woman, he would have invested his resources to marry his enemy, so she is his wife, he married her but maybe he decided not to do public display of affection," Delay opined.

Talking about the groom's act, she continued that "as for that one, it's not my business but what surprises me is the friend that recorded that video and posted it on social media."


"Look for her name for us so that when we all see someone like that we run because a friend like that is very scary, when you take snakes out, they are those there," she concluded in the video seen

A few days ago, Bridget Otoo also expressed her disappointment in the friend who posted the video which described as horrible. During the photography time at her wedding, her friends asked her to kiss her husband and whilst she tried doing so, Dr Evans Ago Tetteh, her husband, turned his head away to refuse the kiss.

According to reports, the video was first posted by her colleague, Serwaa Amihere, who also attended the ceremony held in Takoradi. Serwaa Amihere also shared other videos from the wedding, including one that shows Bridget Otoo eating a lot of food.

"Would you consider someone a friend if they deliberately posted a horrible video of you for people to insult, attack and ruin your day? Not one but multiple videos?" Bridget Otoo said in a tweet that has now been deleted.


This made some social media users believe Bridget Otoo is shading Serwaa Amihere for posting the videos online which has attracted her ridicule.

The video has been circulating on social media with so many comments and Bridget Otoo has earlier on responded to comments. "Ah the girl get mouth odor??," a Twitter user @MisterChances wrote, another, @usuphyoungslim said "No man in love will deny her wife a kiss especially on this kind of day. I might be wrong though".

Further explaning what happened, Bridget Otoo took to Twitter to say that she had planned with her husband that there won't be public kissing on their wedding day, hence, Dr E.A Tetteh's refusal to kiss her.

"My favourite video @ @MantseBiAgo I agreed no public kissing and in fact I was emphatic that if he tried kissing me, I would swerve and he would fall, b4 he put the ring on my finger I reminded him No Public kissing... but see who broke the rule when we came out," she said in a now-deleted tweet.


However, it seems the pregnant TV presenter later took a new position about the video as she expressed her disappointment in her friend who posted the videos. In another tweet, she said, "sometimes you know someone is a bad person but you still make excuses for them until they hurt you real bad, then you stop making excuses and face the ugly truth!"

See her tweet below and tell us who you believe she is talking about.


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