Rick Ross may be out of jail but definitely not out of his mind.

The rapper has filed a fresh suit against his former groundskeeper, Jonathan Zamudio for lying that the rapper whooped him with his gun.

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The former groundskeeper had sued the hip hop mogul for allegedly pistol-whipping and beating him in his basement just because he found out he threw a party in his mansion and drove his cars.

Zamudio also claimed Ross locked him in a room, whipped him with his pistol and brutalized him so bad he had to eat through a straw. Ross was arrested and thrown in jailfor assault, making death threats and kidnapping.

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But the rapper  now says his former groundskeeper is lying and he claims to have proof.

In his newly files legal documents, Ross states that Zamudio called 911 three hours after the alleged incident and never mentioned pistol-whipping or any injury for that matter. He also spoke clearly and calmly to the dispatcher.

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So, if Zamudio was "badly beaten" and could only eat through a straw, how come he could talk clearly on that 911 call three hours after?

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