Actress is drug-free and she has proof

Tonto Dikeh take to social media to share proof that she is drug-free for all the right reasons.

Tonto Dikeh

She took to her Instagram page on Monday, January 23, 2017, to share a photo of her drug screening test result.

Although hard to believe, all her tests, including those for marijuana and other hard substances proved negative.

Tonto captioned the photo,


"I do this for MY GOD

"I do this for MY SON

"I do this for the millions of People who draw strength from my story/Journey!!! #MAMAKING #God bless you All"

This comes barely one week after rumours that the actress' marriage had fallen apart, began to make the rounds on social media, even though Nigerians seemed unable to settle on the reason why.

Many have sworn that another woman, specifically Rose Meurer, who is Oladunni Churchill's PA, was the reason for the speculated split.


Despite the fact that Meurer has denied the allegations during an interview with Hip TV, describing the accusations as ridiculous, nobody seems to believe her.

During the interview, she said,

"It is irritating to the ears, it’s just like saying are you sleeping with your brother.

"This is someone who is a mentor to me, this is someone I look up to. He has a good heart, there is no one that would not want to be identified with someone that has a good heart, someone that gives a helping hand. I’m very sure that being managed by Big Church Foundation I’m very sure I have a very bright future.

"I really have nothing much to say about this because it’s really irrelevant to me. They are in peace, they are happy, I don’t know about what you people are saying but you guys should get your facts straight before you bring such things out, it’s really not relevant to me. Generous person. I’m not going to say much about it. I remain to be under Big Church Foundation and he is family to me, his wife is family to me, we’ve hung out together before and I don’t see a big deal there; people should stop saying what they don’t know.”


As if to prove just how little her denials meant, a fan commented on a photo of Meurer shared by the official Instagram page of Club Quillox, writing.

"@tontolet this Hoe was all over your man last night."

Of course there was proof that Churchill was sighted at the same club last night, as his photo was also shared on the club's page.

On the other hand, some people are convinced that the couple's problems were related to Tonto's involvement in drug use.

Now that the mother-of-one has proven beyond doubt that drugs had nothing to do with the purported crisis, we can only watch as events unfold in the house of the Churchills.


Meanwhile, Churchill shared a photo of himself and Tonto at a charity match recently, shutting down the separation rumours and proving that they are still together.

Sadly, we know Nigerians are relentless and Tonto happens to be one of their favourite topics.

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