Top 10 Sexiest Hollywood men of the year

Some of Hollywood's finest men made it their priority to give women a serious run for their bodies in 2015 and they did just fine!

Pulse List of 10 sexiest Hollywood male stars 2015

When it comes to being sexy, our favorite male celebrities are giving the women a serious run for their bodies! In 2015, some of Hollywood's finest men took center stage in this department all thanks to their individual styles, gym hours and both red carpet and beach looks! Here's our  top 10 sexiest Hollywood men this year!

10.) The 'Empire' boys did more than just fight over Luscious Lyon's enterprise this year, they stamped their presence on the world's most sexiest list too. The Lyon brothers served some hottness on the cover of Essence magazine when all three - Jussie Smollett, Trai Byers and Byshere “Yazz” Gray - got themselves wet, shirtless and exposed for the ladies ( and envious men) to see.

9.) The Game had nothing to hide towards the end of 2015 when it came to showing off his well-built bod! The controversial rapper got into the selfie frenzy and went as far as giving us a sneak peek into how massive his manhood really is. Yes, he got criticized for those pics and Instagram threatened to place a ban on him but he didn't flinch! He definitely knows what he's made of!

8.) Scott Eastwood could be the son of legendary film maker Clint Eastwood but the young actor also picked up his charming looks from his daddy! The 32-year-old made sure his female fans stayed glued as he flaunted in loving features in countless shirtless photographs this year.


7.) Idris Elba is one gifted man! Not only did he show off his big arms a 'Commandant' in his new film, 'Beast of no Nation', but also launched a new collection of his sexy clothing line in London this year and it was a star-studded affair! Elba gets us obsessed with his looks every time and in 2015, he was talked about as the next 'James Bond'. Won't he make a fine Mr. Bond!?

6.) Drake could have won back to back if his newly charged up physique could keep Serena Williams by his side till the end of the year. However, the Canadian-born rapper registered himself into a gym and we all saw the results. He looked really good… like a guy with no worse behavior!

5.) Kanye West did not only try to prove his fashion designing skills at the New York Fashion Week, but he also bagged the 2015 GQ Most Stylish Man Alive title like a pro. Kim Kardashian's husband took home this year's award for producing the Best Shoe collection by Adidas and to be honest, wears his own clothes like no other.

4.) Will Smith is still as fresh as we remember the Prince of Bel Air. Just like his super hot wife, Jada Pinkett, the 57-year-old actor hasn't aged a day. Thanks to his new movie, 'Concussion'  and a great comeback to music, Will gave us all shades of sexy this year --  with or without his family standing by his side!

3.) Chris Hemsworth always has to be here. Since his 'Thor' days, women just can't get enough of the Australian hunk. From his flawless face to his sexy physique, the actor and father of two, effortlessly shows off everything he's made off and we love it all. He's also been named People's Sexiest Man Alive… in 2014!


2.) Justin Bieber exposed more abs this year than his lyrics and we ain't complaining! The 22-year-old dazzled on several magazine covers and when he was in Hawaii, it was all about showing off his buffed arms via selfies.  He also found it necessary to flaunt his round butt and yup, his penis!

1.) David Beckham obviously takes the first place on our list! The former English football star was named 'Sexiest Man Alive 2015' by People Magazine. So, there's no questioning why he kills it every time he's in casuals, suits or no shirts at all. He's the famous 'Spice Boy' after all!


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