• Cucumber vibrator

    Penis fracture: Here's why the penis breaks and how to treat it

  • Spicy corn dough porridge

    DIY Recipe: How to make Spicy corn dough porridge


    Women who have less sex could have early menopause, study finds


    How to ask for sex from your spouse

  • Mrs Selasie Mettle

    Selasie Mettle: Joe Mettle's wife oozes elegance in baby bump photo; shares her good news

  • Black couple.

    Ladies, here are 5 ways to pamper your man

  • Fella Makafui and Island

    4 ways to bring back your sexiness after giving birth

  • 5 terrible things you should never say to a woman you love [Credit: Getty]

    5 terrible things you should never say to a woman you love

  • Ms Nancy

    Style coach: All the times Ms Nancy inspired women to dress better

  • Banana nut shake

    DIY Recipes: How to make Banana nut shake

  • Black couple

    Ladies, here’s why it’s important to know about a guy’s dating history

  • Ance Scars and other blemishes (Femme d'Influence)

    5 simple ways to remove scars at home

  • Give your vagina all the attention it deserves.

    Normal vaginal discharge vs. Abnormal discharge: Here's the difference

  • Black couple

    For women: Here's how to know if a guy takes you serious or not

  • How to have more mind-blowing sex in your relationship [Credit - 1stNews]

    5 ways to have more mind-blowing sex in your relationship

  • Yaa Jackson

    Yaa Jackson sets tongues wagging with hot birthday photos

  • A black couple sleeping.

    Here's why you shouldn't wear clothes after sex

  • ___8037968___2018___2___26___12___unhappy-black-couple-2

    Dear men here's how your relationship status could affect your testosterone

  • Joselyn Dumas

    Joselyn Dumas wants us to glow as wedding guests: here are our favourite styles

  • 3 surprising ways avocados may boost fertility

  • Garlic

    Men's health: 4 proven benefits of garlic for men

  • Gobe (Gari and beans)

    DIY Recipes: How to make the perfect Gobe (Gari and beans)

  • Cookietee

    Cookietee inspires us to set up our work style in African print dress

  • Black couple

    3 things to do if you and your partner have mismatched libidos

  • Hair loss

    For men: 7 natural ways to treat baldness

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