19-year-old man dies after being shot while intervening in parents’ quarrel

A 19-year-old man has died after being gunned down by an unknown gunman while he was trying to bring peace between his mother and father during a quarrel.

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Kenya’s Kamukunji Police Station is investigating the unfortunate incident to unravel who fired the gunshots and what their intention was.

According to, sadness has engulfed the family of the couple from Buruburu in Nairobi following the bizarre development.

The gunman shot the deceased and her mother, but she survived, while he was pronounced dead on arrival at Mama Lucy Hospital.

His mother was transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment.

ADVERTISEMENT reports that a police report filed at Kamukunji Police Station says that the couple arrived at their home at 3:45 am and disagreed after the woman refused to follow her husband into the house.

Detectives investigating the shooting said the couple quarrelled for about 2 hours and could be heard by their 13-year-old daughter.

Part of the report filed at the police station said: “The girl told the police that the father went upstairs where they live on the second floor leaving the wife outside. He started taking whisky and when the daughter questioned the father where the mother was, he never responded.

Then, the girl became worried, went to wake her brother and asked him to check on their mother, who was outside.


The two decided to inform their older sister about their parents' disagreement, and the young man then requested the 13-year-old to fetch his phone from the house.

She rushed to the house and when she was going back after picking up the phone, she heard two gunshots and she clearly saw a man holding a gun. It is then that she rushed back and informed the father of what she had witnessed,” added the police report, as quoted by

Her father called for help before the bloodied mother and son were rushed to the hospital.


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