Ghanaian lady is suing Facebook user over defamatory comment

Lawyers for a Ghanaian woman, Abigail Addai, identified on Facebook as Adwo Animah have given another Facebook user, Godwin Seny Dokah, alias Twitch Dorkah, a 48-hour ultimatum to retract a damaging post he had made about their client and apologise or be sued for defamation.

court order

In a strongly-worded letter, Gyandoh Asmah & Co said that on Wednesday, September 13, 2022, their client made a post on her wall on Facebook, ostensibly making a general comment on the infidelity of married men.

Although Adwo Animah did not make reference to anyone in her post, Dorkah took a screenshot of her post and shared it on his Facebook wall with a “demeaning” caption, which went viral and provoked numerous reactions.

According to the law firm, Dorka’s caption, which was in pidgin English, portrayed their client as a promiscuous, unchaste, and immoral woman.


“That the aforementioned comment you made on your Facebook wall in response to her post on our Client's own wall, is without any scintilla of truth, and was only designed at causing embarrassment to our Client

“That indeed, our Client has had no form of personal interaction with you, and does not know you, beyond her knowledge of the fact of your existence on Facebook

“That unless you made your post under a certain delusion, hallucination or out of pure mischief, our Client struggles to understand the motivation behind your rather false and demeaning comment.

“That the false information you published about our Client on your Facebook wall, has reduced her in the eyes of right thinking members of society.


That your false information has enjoyed many reactions and shares on Facebook and this has occasioned unbearable public ridicule and opprobrium to our Client,” the letter reads in part.

To avoid being sued for libel, Dorkah is being urged to use the same social media platforms he used to defame Adwo Animah, to retract, apologise to her and then delete his demeaning post from all platforms.

“We have our Client's firm instruction to demand and we hereby demand that: a. You remove and/or delete all defamatory material that you have published against our Client: b. You issue a statement on all the media you employed to publish such defamatory material, retracting all the false statements you published about our Client; and c. You render an unqualified apology to our Client giving the apology the same prominence you gave to your defamatory post for causing our client such embarrassment.

“TAKE NOTICE that we have firm instructions from our Client to demand that you comply with all the demands in the preceding paragraph, within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of this letter, failing which we will take legal action without further recourse to you,” the letter warned.

The letter has been circulating on various social media platforms after Adwo Animah herself shared it on her Facebook page by way of serving it on Dorkah, saying attempts to reach him personally have failed.

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